Pay for only the technology you use

Hurricane owns and maintains an up-to-date UHF Digital radio system that covers the Gulf Coast. Regardless of your company’s size or need Hurricane has the solution to meet your need. Hurricane’s radio network allows your company to use the latest technology without having the overhead of maintaining your own radio network..


Pay for only the technology you use

214 The HEI Radio Network is a UHF private network owned and maintained by Hurricane Electronics. Instead of buying a costly radio system, you buy only the equipment you need and pay a monthly subscription cost.

Save the hassle and headache of operating your own system.

Keep your small business running smoothly.

Coverage Area
You’re covered throughout the Gulf Coast region.

A network without the hassle

The HEI Radio Network is an affordable alternative to owning your own wide-area radio system. Because HEI owns the infrastructure, you don’t have to pay to maintain the technology, and you don’t need to obtain a license to operate it.

The HEI Radio Network allows you to be a user of technology instead of an owner of technology. That means you’ll save money by buying less equipment, but it also means you’ll save a lot of headaches that come with maintenance. You get all of the utility of your own radio network without the huge investment. Get in touch with Hurricane Electronics to learn more about what the HEI Radio Network can do for you.

A perfect fit for small businesses

The HEI Radio Network is used mainly for small business communications and automatic vehicle location services through the HEI GPS. On our network, you can keep in touch with your drivers and keep track of your fleet. Or you can keep your field employees apprised of changing weather conditions and other notable news, all without investing in a wide-area network of your own.

Many small businesses have a need for radio communication but don’t have the resources or the skill to own their own network. The Gulf Coast region is home to countless small businesses in a variety of sectors, and hundreds of them rely on the HEI Radio Network. Call us to join them today

Communication throughout the Gulf Coast

The HEI Radio Network covers much of the Gulf Coast region. On the HEI Radio Network, your business won’t be limited by county or state lines. You can track shipments to all of your customers throughout the region, and you can get immediate radio access to your employees no matter where they are.

Hurricane Electronics has served the Gulf Coast region for decades, and we’re well aware of how the economy of the region crosses borders. We set up our network to do the same thing. If you live and work on the Gulf Coast, get in touch with Hurricane to join our network.